[Ndca-l] Heads Up: Book your (Marriott) debate hotels TODAY for 10% cash back

Lexy Green lexy at thecollegepreparatoryschool.org
Thu Jul 19 14:38:45 EDT 2018

I restarted my debate focused travel blog two weeks ago. It focuses on the
best techniques for getting bargains when traveling with groups. You can
find it here <https://debatetravel.wordpress.com/>.

I'm writing now to let you know that TODAY ONLY Ebates has a special cash
back offer for Marriott bookings when you enter the Marriott site from the
Ebates portal. They're giving 10% cash back, which is amazing compared to
the usual 1.5%. It's so good that I just went into my Marriott account and
rebooked most of my reservations from now through the TOC.

If you spend much time booking, make sure that your Ebates shopping session
is still live when you book in order to get credit for your stays.
Lexy Green '81
Director of Debate
College Prep, Oakland

"In the abstract we celebrate freedom of opinion as part of our patriotic
liturgy; it is only when some Americans exercise it that other Americans
are shocked. No one of course ever criticizes the right of dissent; it is
always this particular instance of it or its exercise under these
particular circumstances or at this particular time that throws people into
a blue funk." J.W. Fulbright
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